Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I ❤ 500 Days of Summer

This movie has just been added to my favorite movies list. I LOVED it. First off, can Zooey Deschanel get any damn cuter? She is just so charming. And I really liked Joseph Gordon-Levitt, he was really funny and cute in this movie too. My heart broke for him. I love how they skip around through the 500 days they were together to tell the story.

It was quirky and offbeat and did not have the typical storyline of boy meets girl, they lose each other, and then end up back together in the end to live happily ever after, and I loved that. Because let's face it. More often than not. One person always has more feelings than the other and someone ends up heartbroken. I appreciated the honesty of this movie and thought the story was wonderful. Made me laugh, made my heart hurt for him and loved the way it ended. And I loved his chalkboard wall in his bedroom with the headboard drawn on it. I already want to see this movie again. And did I mention how great the soundtrack is too? I was just as excited to go by the soundtrack as I was when I first saw Garden State.

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  1. I haven't seen this yet, and have been dying too! Its going to be forever until Netflix gets it...*groan*.
    Wonderful review!!