Monday, March 22, 2010

gorgeous monogram necklace

Love this necklace from MadisonReeceDesigns. The decorative border is so pretty! Made from PMC, which I am dying to try out some day. If you are not familiar, PMC is precious metal clay that is sculpted like clay, then when fired turns into pure silver. Amazing, right? Has anyone worked with it before? I'd love to hear about it...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

wednesday wishlist

Cute finds from Ruche, a modern boutique with a vintage touch. This adorable and affordable online shop has gorgeous items. I love everything about the shop and here are a few of my favorites. All can be found at

Thursday, March 4, 2010

the best business in the entire world

Several years ago, I experienced the most wonderful gift. Tank Goodness. I was stunned. Not only is this the most genius business idea, but everything about this business is seriously perfect. Warm cookies delivered to your door. Can you think of anything better in life? Their identity is adorable. Their cute packaging is smart, with a sticker stating what time their cookies left the oven. And these warm cookies from heaven are delivered in a branded Mini Cooper! And did I mention how delicious these warm oatmeal chocolate chip cookies really are? Cookies can even be delivered with milk. I know, right? Totally genius!!

When I first experienced Tank Goodness cookies, I fell in love. What a wonderful company started by a wonderful family. Can you imagine getting to run such a fabulous business and deliver a product that always brightens people's day and brings smiles. And for all you people who do not live in the Minneapolis area, you should be excited to know that they have a new licensee program, so I'm sure Tank Goodness will be popping up all over the country. For more information on the best business in the world visit

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

wednesday wishlist

I am so excited for Alice in Wonderland coming to theaters this week. The incredible imagination of Tim Burton adds the perfect twist to this classical tale. And 3D! Even better. I think it looks amazing and cant wait to check it out. In the spirit of Alice falling down the rabbit hole and all her other adventures, here is my wishlist this week.

Alice in Wonderland Pin Topper Set - GigiMinor
Wonderland Glasses - UrbanOutfitters
Drink Me Alice in Wonderland Bronze Bottle and Key Necklace - RubyRougeJewellry
Alice in Wonderland Nesting Dolls - InterContent
Tea Party Notebook - TheGiftShed
Mad Hatter Pocket Watch - Carrytales

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

embroidery hoop art

What's all this hoop-la about you ask? Just look at the lovely examples below. I've gathered a huge assortment of some of my favorites. You can group some together to fill a blank wall. Hang one as a cute accent. Making them yourself can be as simple as framing some favorite fabrics. Or look at all the creative designs you can purchase. The possibilities are endless. I love how charming they are.

1-DashingEtc 2-CowboyBunny 3-FolkyDolky 4-BabyBomb 5-SaysYou 6-LAMdesigns 7-8-LittlePinkHouse 9-MarieSoleil 10-DesignsByNancyT 11-HareandDrum 12-CaitlinSainio 13-StrangeDayKnits 14-MetzyPants 15-16-AEwilder 17-ModernArtEveryday 18-MissMatching 19-Bomchelle 20-LoriHutchinson 21-LouLouandOscar 22-RugglesStitch 23-BannerBabe 24-AllAboutTheFiber 25-26-NeaWear 27-AllAboutTheFiber 28-MiniatureRhino 29-GoodBehavior 30-MarysGranddaughter 31-32-MoxieDoll

Monday, March 1, 2010

whimsical garden accents

With March beginning and a glimpse of spring ahead, its time to start thinking about our outdoor spaces. Kerry, a woodworking artist from Canada, has one of the most adorable etsy shops. Her miniature gnome doors, windows, mailboxes, wishing wells and other playful accents add a touch of charm and whimsy to gardens and backyards around the world. Doesn't everyone need a little magic in their backyard? All these charming pieces can be purchased at