Monday, November 30, 2009

shop, swap, and blog!

I got my second swap package! Again, big thanks to Pattie who coordinated everything on her blog My second swap partner was Amber from She has a gorgeous shop with environmentally friendly, natural bath and body products. Wonderful products and unique details. I really love her logo stamp on the soap and the fact that she uses handmade plantable paper for tags and wrapping her soap. Such a unique touch that reinforces her passion for providing natural and earth-friendly products. Check out the pictures of the goodies she sent me and her interview below. Also check out her blog:

About Amber :

My name is Amber, I am the oldest of eight siblings. I grew up in California and in North Carolina and have had the pleasure of experiencing the city and the small town life. I've always had a passion for creating and learning new things. I'm a true jack of all trades and a master of SOME! I often get bored with one endeavor and then move on to the next so you will find I have an array of shops. I stumbled on making bath and body products while trying to find new projects to do with my younger sisters during summer. Friends and family started asking me to make soap for them and eventually it turned into a business!

About products:

I love to reuse lonely forgotten materials to create new surprises that are natural and earth friendly. Bambu Earth is all about all natural handmade bath, body and skincare products. I work hard to combine the best quality exotic ingredients to pamper my customers' skin, hair and nails. My finished products never contain synthetic fragrances or chemicals and are naturally scented and colored with the safest ingredients available. I use recycled handmade (by me!) plantable paper to wrap all of my soaps instead of buying soap boxes or wasting paper by making labels. This way, your soaps come in a unique package, ready for gift-giving! And... it gives twice! Once the soap is unwrapped, you can plant the label directly in soil and grow herbs or flowers.

What she hopes to accomplish:

I love providing my customers with unique, exciting surprises in every order. I'm so blessed to be able to do what I am passionate about and, at the same time, deliver a service to others! I just wish I would have stumbled onto Etsy sooner! I hope to increase awareness about environmentally friendly items and the importance of all natural products.. especially when it comes to putting it on your skin! For example, your skin loves to drink up the glycerine in natural soaps because it draws moisture to the skin. Most commercial, store bought soaps are stripped of glycerine because they take it out to make other products. Most people don't realize that chemicals from body products are absorbed through the skin and are just as important to monitor as what you eat and breathe. I want to make sure I deliver a high quality product to consumers without taking short cuts. People appreciate those little details and the all-natural effort that goes into making my handmade products... That makes it all worth it!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

wednesday wishlist

What's black and white and yellow all over? These super cute items on my wishlist of course! Love this color combo right now. Modern and bold with a little splash of sun. Perfect for a dreary winter day.

Dress -
Vintage book page butterfly -
Sunshine bracelet -
Frame pouch -
Porcelain mug -

Sunday, November 22, 2009

bakers twine galore

I told myself I was not going to buy any new wrapping paper this year, because I seriously have like 20 rolls of wrapping paper. I don't collect pewter or dishes or vintage toys. I collect wrapping paper. And everything that goes along with it.

And I partially blame Martha Stewart. Every year she sucks me in with all her adorable crafts and wonderful ideas. Not to mention her wrapping paper and ribbon. Yes, I bought two more rolls of wrap this weekend.

And then I got sucked in by all the bakers twine that has been taunting me for weeks. I was ecstatic to to find bakers twine in orange and white. Guess what will now be a part of my STELLA + HODGE packaging!

Looking for some ideas how to use bakers twine and where to get it? Visit and (love the name!)

1-4 - WhiskerGraphics
5-7 -

Friday, November 20, 2009

gorgeous wedding invitations

I was just wandering around the web and stumbled upon these wedding invitations. Sitting here at my computer, by myself, I seriously just let out a gasp. I think they are the most detailed, beautiful invitations I have ever seen. I'm in awe at how gorgeous they are. I love the colors, the textured combination of fabric and paper, the stitching, the handmade detail is amazing. And even better yet...the talented artist has shared instructions on her blog WOW.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

giveaway at Little Riley!

Want a super cute set of wine charms for your holiday entertaining?? Head over to and sign up for your chance to win a set. Facebook, twitter or blog about it, or follow her blog, then go back and comment on her post.

pom pom wreath

Love this! Check out this super cute tutorial over on A good weekend project. Park yourself on the couch this weekend with some movies and end up with a cute little wreath to start your holiday decorating.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

wednesday wishlist

I love love love Cabin + Cub's illustrations. The wood grain combined with the vintage illustrations, just make the cutest mixed media collages. And this cute little desk calendar is definitely going on my Christmas list this year.  The wood grain pattern inspired this week's wishlist. I also love the wood grain embroidery on this pouch from, many many wonderful pieces in this shop. These pretty, colorful, girly wood grain earrings are found at Detailed hand block printed pattern and pink zipper make this a super cute wristlet from This faux wood grain scarf from is gorgeous. "Would you love me cuff links" from are seriously too cute for words. If I had a honey who wore cuff links, I would definitely be buying these. And last but not least, this textured silver ring from can be worn by men and women. Love it!

Monday, November 16, 2009

I ❤ Amy Butler

I have a serious girl crush on her. If I could be anyone in my next life, it would be her. She is so talented. The fabulous colors. The amazing patterns. Her designs are breathtaking and seriously, is there anything she can't do? She has beautiful fabric, stationery, dishes, books, bags, gift wrap...and my recently discovered bedding, towels and rugs. Here are some pieces from her collection that I've been day dreaming about...

Check out this interview with the Butlers talking about their journey:

Sunday, November 15, 2009

DIY advent calendars

The countdown is almost here. After seeing a couple friends exchange advent calendars last year, I thought it was a super cute idea that I want to do this year. Whether you prefer working with with fabric, paper or already made tins and boxes, I gathered my favorite diy ideas to share. Some are just photos for inspiration and some are linked to tutorials. Good luck and let me know if you try one!

baby sock calendar -
quilted calendar -
christmas garland -
pocket calendar -
embroidered calendar -
stockings in a row -
embroidered pockets calendar -
advent bags -
painted box calendar -
advent in a box -
diy calendar set -
matchbox calendar -
take out box calendar -
art boxes calendar -
decorated karen foster calendar -
pattern envelope calendar -
envelope calendar -
recycle bin calendar -
pyramid garland calendar -
cone garland calendar -
tin calendar wreath -
tin calendar wreath -

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

wednesday wishlist

I've been super crazy busy getting pieces ready for the W7 sale this weekend. I felt like I was having flashbacks to being back in art school, staying up until the wee hours of the morning designing, creating and assembling. I dropped everything off today. A whopping 423 items! Barely running on two hours of sleep last night, I am about to tuck myself in bed, but didn't want to forget about my wishlist this week. These items are a few of my favorites from sellers who will be at the W7 Collective sale. Lots of great artists and amazing items. If you are local, for sure go check it out. It will be STELLA+HODGE's first appearance in a sale, so wish me luck!

Alexis Clutch -
A Girl's Heaven  - fine art photograph -
Alannah Feather Headband -
Mini D - Ducky Uglings -
Can it Sweetheart T -

Saturday, November 7, 2009

amazing bead find

I kind of feel like a geek because I am so excited about these, but I came right to my computer to blog and share my excitement. I buy most of my supplies on etsy because the selection is outstanding and I like to support other shops. But as a lot of you know, sometimes when you order supplies online you don't know exactly what they will look like in person.

When I saw these beads, I fell in love. They were coming from Hong Kong, so I had to wait a while, but I've been super excited to get them. They arrived in my mailbox today and seriously took my breath away. The imperfect nugget shape. The gorgeous vibrant colors. They seriously look like candy and are even better than I hoped they would be. I cannot wait to create something gorgeous with these beads. I love when you come across a find like this.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

NEW custom silhouette necklaces

If you like the custom silhouette portraits in my shop, I've got a new item just for you. I now have custom silhouette necklaces. These are super cute and make great gifts. What mom wouldn't treasure a keepsake necklace of their little ones.

You send me a photo. I create a silhouette of your loved one. Shrink it down. Seal it several times. Adhere it to the pewter pendant frame and then it gets filled with non-toxic ice resin. It needs a few days to set and then I string them on a delicate silver chain and they are ready to go. So cute!