Monday, November 30, 2009

shop, swap, and blog!

I got my second swap package! Again, big thanks to Pattie who coordinated everything on her blog My second swap partner was Amber from She has a gorgeous shop with environmentally friendly, natural bath and body products. Wonderful products and unique details. I really love her logo stamp on the soap and the fact that she uses handmade plantable paper for tags and wrapping her soap. Such a unique touch that reinforces her passion for providing natural and earth-friendly products. Check out the pictures of the goodies she sent me and her interview below. Also check out her blog:

About Amber :

My name is Amber, I am the oldest of eight siblings. I grew up in California and in North Carolina and have had the pleasure of experiencing the city and the small town life. I've always had a passion for creating and learning new things. I'm a true jack of all trades and a master of SOME! I often get bored with one endeavor and then move on to the next so you will find I have an array of shops. I stumbled on making bath and body products while trying to find new projects to do with my younger sisters during summer. Friends and family started asking me to make soap for them and eventually it turned into a business!

About products:

I love to reuse lonely forgotten materials to create new surprises that are natural and earth friendly. Bambu Earth is all about all natural handmade bath, body and skincare products. I work hard to combine the best quality exotic ingredients to pamper my customers' skin, hair and nails. My finished products never contain synthetic fragrances or chemicals and are naturally scented and colored with the safest ingredients available. I use recycled handmade (by me!) plantable paper to wrap all of my soaps instead of buying soap boxes or wasting paper by making labels. This way, your soaps come in a unique package, ready for gift-giving! And... it gives twice! Once the soap is unwrapped, you can plant the label directly in soil and grow herbs or flowers.

What she hopes to accomplish:

I love providing my customers with unique, exciting surprises in every order. I'm so blessed to be able to do what I am passionate about and, at the same time, deliver a service to others! I just wish I would have stumbled onto Etsy sooner! I hope to increase awareness about environmentally friendly items and the importance of all natural products.. especially when it comes to putting it on your skin! For example, your skin loves to drink up the glycerine in natural soaps because it draws moisture to the skin. Most commercial, store bought soaps are stripped of glycerine because they take it out to make other products. Most people don't realize that chemicals from body products are absorbed through the skin and are just as important to monitor as what you eat and breathe. I want to make sure I deliver a high quality product to consumers without taking short cuts. People appreciate those little details and the all-natural effort that goes into making my handmade products... That makes it all worth it!

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