Tuesday, March 2, 2010

embroidery hoop art

What's all this hoop-la about you ask? Just look at the lovely examples below. I've gathered a huge assortment of some of my favorites. You can group some together to fill a blank wall. Hang one as a cute accent. Making them yourself can be as simple as framing some favorite fabrics. Or look at all the creative designs you can purchase. The possibilities are endless. I love how charming they are.

1-DashingEtc 2-CowboyBunny 3-FolkyDolky 4-BabyBomb 5-SaysYou 6-LAMdesigns 7-8-LittlePinkHouse 9-MarieSoleil 10-DesignsByNancyT 11-HareandDrum 12-CaitlinSainio 13-StrangeDayKnits 14-MetzyPants 15-16-AEwilder 17-ModernArtEveryday 18-MissMatching 19-Bomchelle 20-LoriHutchinson 21-LouLouandOscar 22-RugglesStitch 23-BannerBabe 24-AllAboutTheFiber 25-26-NeaWear 27-AllAboutTheFiber 28-MiniatureRhino 29-GoodBehavior 30-MarysGranddaughter 31-32-MoxieDoll

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