Thursday, January 14, 2010

hey there, cupcake!

I ran across this charming blog with all kinds of goodies and fun baking ideas. has this adorable make your own cupcake pop tutorial. Have you ever seen anything cuter?? Everyone loves cupcakes and who doesn't love tiny little cupcake bites or cupcakes on a stick! I also thought it was only perfect to pair this with some wonderful cupcake accessories I found.

1. gorgeous cupcake stand - TheCupcakeTower
2-3. adorable retro cupcake liners - SweetEstelle
4-5. more sweet cupcake liners - HeyYoYo
6. beautifully intricate cupcake wrappers - paperorchidstationery


  1. A friend of a friend has a fantastic site, with tons of cute cupcake decorations. All of this adorable stuff makes me wish I had more time to bake and more people to impress with the pretty accoutrements!

  2. Good recommendation Alex. Beautiful stuff, what a great site! Might have to do some Valentine's Day baking!