Tuesday, May 4, 2010

oh, susan blue hangtags

I thought I'd share a little design project I've been working on. These hangtags are for a cute little line of gifts for new brand "Oh, Susan Blue." The brand is based on an old nursery rhyme. It had special meaning for the client as a little girl because they shared the same name. I wanted the hangtags to feel vintage with rich textures and also have a playful, childlike quality. I love how they turned out. Working on projects like this makes me want to design all of my materials for STELLA+HODGE. I'll have to hold off for now though.


  1. Thank you!! I love how they turned out too. I wish I had designed them for me :)

  2. I REALLY love these tags...when are you going to design stuff for meeeeeeeeeeee?????? ...Remember, I have no money....so therefore, your answer should be: "Call me when you have money." sighhhhhh....Wait! Do you take visa? :)

  3. Very, very sweet tags! Make's me want to go design something :)