Wednesday, July 14, 2010

itizen - tell your story

Want to tell a story about an interesting item, gift or keepsake? Is there something really interesting about the history of that painting or a funny story about how you found that vintage necklace?

1. Tag it. You can put an itizen TRACKit tag on it. There are two kinds of Itizen TRACKit Tags: Stick-On Tags for hard stuff and Sew-On Tags for soft stuff.

2. Tell it. Register your code and share a story. Who made it, where it came from, how you got it, what made you want it, whatever you like.

3. Give it. Start the unique journey. Give it as a gift. Sell it in your shop. Or just pass it along to someone special. Ask them to add their own stories about it on, using the TRACKit code

4. Track it. Follow the story. After you give or sell something, follow its continuing adventures through your Itizen account, with new chapters being added by all the people it meets. Who knows where it'll go?

I think this could be really cool for etsy shop owners. A great way to tell the story of their unique items!

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