Tuesday, October 6, 2009

easy and fun locket tutorial!!

In wandering around on the web I found this project on marthastewart.com. This is a super fun and easy project that she had on her show a while back. I wanted to try it. So I'm sharing photos of the locket that I made along with the steps I followed and where to buy the supplies. Its hard to live up to Martha and her amazing team, but I was pretty impressed with how it turned out.

Purchase a large locket that has a recessed area on the front.
2 Arrange your accents however you want them
3 Sand the center where you will be decorating the locket. Wipe away the dust. This will give the materials something to adhere to.
4 Pour colored nail polish into the center of the locket.
5 You can use the nail polish brush to move the polish to the sides. Don't fill it too full, because you will need room for your accents.
6 While polish is still wet, using a tweezers, place all your accents on the locket. Let dry overnight. You can use a cotton swab and nail polish remover to clean up any little smudges if you get any on the accents or sides of the locket.

Be creative choosing your accents and charms. The possibilities are endless, especially on etsy. But I've compiled a list below of where I got my supplies in case that helps. Enjoy! Happy crafting

locket - WanWanCorner.etsy.com they have a great selection of lockets. The antique brass one I used also comes in silver
flower - WanWanCorner.etsy.com
butterfly - findingme.etsy.com I got mine here, but there are many other places on etsy with similar butterfly charms.
filigree leaf - halolo.etsy.com This was a three petal leaf that I snipped apart to arrange differently

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