Wednesday, October 28, 2009

wednesday wishlist

I love Halloween. I love costumes and dressing up. But I refuse to buy store-bought costumes and we all know how much work it can be to put together a great costume. Plus when you tend to be a creative perfectionist, procrastinator and control freak, it can really be exhausting. I have been sewing my Halloween costume the last couple days. Actually two costumes. I do not really sew. Especially without a pattern. But with my lovely moms help, the costumes are complete. She has since informed me that next year she is going out of town for the month of October. I say that's ok, because I'm staying home next year. Until 12 months from now and I forget all about how much work this all was. My wishlist this week is inspired by my Halloween costume.

1 Teatime with Wolfie print -
2 Little Red ponytail holders -
3 Hooded Capelet for Chickenpants, A Little Red Riding Hood -
4 Little Red Ridinghood Gets Even, bad girl print -
5 Organic Cotton Little Red Riding Hood Pencil Pouch -
6 Hey There Little Red Riding Hood print -

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