Thursday, October 22, 2009

paper and ribbon flowers

I have decided that if and when I ever get married. I am having paper flowers. And it isn't because I'm cheap or weird. Anyone who knows me, knows I get totally geeked out with paper. The color. The texture. The pattern. Wall paper. Wrapping paper. Any paper! Think about it, paper flowers are always in season and will last forever. They are inexpensive and creative. And they are totally elegant and gorgeous. Anyone who thinks this seems goofy. Take a look at these paper bouquets and tell me that real flowers would be any more beautiful. Didn't think so.

I crossed paths with these photos on the ever inspiring They have many beautiful ideas and examples with directions. The first three photos are made from paper and the bottom bouquet is made from ribbons.


  1. Those flowers look great, they look like real flowers, but better!

  2. those are soooooooooooo beautiful!!! Lots of things go through my mind when I see this!!! Lots of fun ideas! Love your blog!!! You have a wonderful style!

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  3. Gorgeousss...
    & the color combination is just perfect I'd say!
    Lovely weekend dear~

  4. Holy crow. That ribbon bouquet is fantastic! =)