Sunday, September 13, 2009

my shop has NEW prints!

I have been busy working on new stuff for my shop. I've added some fun new prints and will soon have a lot of new jewelry. I've photographed everything, but it's a process writing descriptions and uploading 12 new necklaces and 16 new pair of earrings. A sneak peek at those will be coming soon!

But now...more about these prints. I really enjoyed working on these and each one is fun for a different reason. Ride Wheelies has a playful nostalgic feel to it, with a message of take chances and I love the polka dots, and Happily Ever After I think would make a super cute wedding gift with the idea that fairy tales do come true. Dream Big is a bold reminder to push ourselves, and Fairest of Them All is a feminine note to remember to love ourselves. Sleep Tight is a super cute illustration of a little owl at bedtime and Fly Me to the Moon is an illustration with Stella, who you should recognize, taking a night time imaginary trip to the moon to play among the stars, inspired by one of my favorites, Frank Sinatra. Let me know what you think of all the new prints, I always appreciate your thoughts.

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