Wednesday, September 30, 2009

wednesday wishlist

I woke up to 40 degree weather. So first and foremost on my mind is staying warm! So here are some knits to keep us warm here in MN. Is it supposed to be this cold in September? If you don't hear from me tomorrow... it may because my fingers are frozen to my laptop.

1. The Incognito chunky knit cowl in chartreuse - Happiknits
2. Blue Blossom Dog Hat - BeanTownHandmade
3. The Beekeeper in cream - hurleysashimi
4. Pumpkin Beret - PandoraSpocks
5. Flower Wrist Warmers - OlliesWoollies


  1. Great picks! Thanks for including Bean ;)

  2. Beautiful! Thank you so much for including my wrist warmers ;D

  3. Great picks! Thank you for including the Incognito :)

  4. what a lovely blog here! thanks for including my beekeeper! stay warm!